Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Billy the Hero: teenagers stay safe online

Nicole, 14, from Malaysia with her creation ‘Billy the Hero’
© UNICEF EAPRO/2016/Andy Brown
From social media to online chatting, the Internet has countless avenues for sharing and connecting with friends and communities. But this open network also carries many risks, especially for children. After falling victim to cyberbullying, Nicole is on a mission to make sure the same doesn’t happen to her peers. #youthvoice

Fourteen-year-old Nicole is a confident and outgoing girl from Kuala Lumpur, or ‘KL’ as locals call it. Famous for its iconic Petronas Twin Towers, her city is the high-rise metropolitan capital of Malaysia. Her parents run a small business selling pens, t-shirts and merchandise. Nicole’s dream is to become an architect and help design the next generation of KL’s buildings.